Monday, January 17, 2011

Strength Lab Blog - Read First

Welcome to the Strength Lab blog. I will kick off this blog by declaring the following:

This blog is referring to Strength Lab in Atlanta, Georgia which is a training facility that is owned and operated by Jason Thomas, CSCS, owner of Thomas Training Systems, LLC. Not the facility in Atlanta, nor this blog, nor any of the other social media statements I make are related to in anyway whatsoever to a certain StrengthLab located in Arizona.

If you are trying to find the one in Arizona, you are in the wrong place, and he can be found at

If you are looking for insights on current research relative to a healthier lifestyle including information about training programs, general diet modifications, sports performance, Olympic Weightlifting, soccer, or anything else I may feel like writing about, then keep reading and I hope you enjoy.

For those who want to visit the Strength Lab Training Facility in person, we can be found at:

1874 Piedmont Road, NE
Suite 420-D
Atlanta, Georgia 30324

(404) 551-5350